InfiniteBlu Pool Services

Weekly, biweekly (etc)



Our Weekly Service Includes (All services are prepaid):

  • Vacuum & Skim Pool
  • Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets
  • Pool Equipment Operation Inspected
  • Pool Walls, Floor & Tile Brushed as needed
  • Filter Backwashed as needed
  • Water Testing & Balancing

Programs Offered – Price includes tax :

  • Bi-Weekly Service (7 visits)
  • Every two weeks – Provides 7 regularly scheduled service visits
    Note: Customer is responsible for maintaining the pool during off weeks
  • 14 Weekly Service Visits
  • Provides 14 regularly scheduled service visits
  • 18 Weekly Service Visits
  • Provides 18 regularly scheduled service visits
  • Chemicals (check if company is to supply chemicals)

Other Services Offered

  • DE Filter Grid or Cartridge Cleaning
  • Salt Cell Cleaning

*Required every 4-6 weeks under normal pool usage but will be done as needed

**Required 2-3 times during the season

We have a wide range of pool supplies, parts, and accessories. Buy chemical feeders and purifiers to maintaining clean and clear water. We also have pool pumps and filters to ensure effective filtration and sanitation system. Our automatic pool cleaner will also take the hassle out of pool maintenance.

Shop pool cleaners, pumps, filters, heaters, and more! Using our top-quality pool equipment, you can maintain pool water that is inviting, refreshing, and safe for swimming. Get in touch with InfiniteBlu Pools Service now to inquire about parts, products, and warranties.

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Our retail store is located at 611 Springfield Ave. Kenilworth NJ 07033

Hours Of Operation

MON – FRI 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am – 2:00pm

Sunday –  Closed!


MON – THU 8:00am – 1:00pm

FRI – SUN Closed!